Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alumni Rock!

Many thanks to all our Computer Science Department alumni who made it out to talk to our students about the interview and resume process on April 12th. This was our 5th annual event. Our alumni provided great tips on what should be included on a resume, questions that might be asked, and things a interviewee should bring up during an interview. These tips are important to keep in mind whether you interviewing for a permanent position or an internship.

As part of our celebration we inducted our latest members to the Epsilon Delta Pi Honor Society. The new inductees were Mitch Cannon, Jarrod Cupps, Rachel DeAngelo, Daniel Zarycki,

We acknowledge contributions made by our students and alumni to the department and to the university.  For their help with the Dirksen Junior High workshop we recognized Jarrod Cupps, Joe Robinson, and Kevin Healy.  For their work on the Mobile App Programming Event we recognized Nick Bond, Jarrod Cupps, Ross McCallister, and USF Computer Science alumnus, Scott Walton.  And finally for their work on the support for the USF Greening of the Campus website, we recognized Jason Kryst and Jarrod Cupps.

We announced our Meritorious Service Award winner, Jarrod Cupps and our Joan Nahas Ramuta Award winner, Ross McCallister.
Pictured are Jason Kryst, Dan Zarycki, Kevin Healy, Nick Bond, and Jarrod Cupps

Afterwards alumni and students gathered casually to chat, acquaintances were renewed and new ones made. A suggestion for next year is that students bring their resumes along so that the alumni can give advice on the content.

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