Friday, March 14, 2014

Tech Talk - Ruby on Rails

Join us for another Tech Talk 
Wednesday, March 26th, 
Noon in 
A119 - The CompSci Computer Lab.
Steve Jensen, Computer Science Senior, will talk about Ruby on Rails, an open source language used for web development.  He will talk about learning the language, how he uses it at his internship at Argonne National Labs.  You'll get insight into why Rails is so very popular.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sustainability Website

Thank you to Dan Burke, Computer Science junior, and Jordan Drane, Information Technology junior, who have stepped up to the challenge to update and redesign the website for the University of St Francis' Sustainability Committee.   

The site is currently the Greening of the Campus website, Greening of the Campus, but as the commitment to sustainability has grown as part of our Franciscan mission, the website will reflect the broader focus of the efforts from all parts of the university. 

Keep an eye on the site for improvements and updates.
Thank you, Dan and Jordan, for your work.

Tech Talk - Linux

Want to know more about Linux?  Do you want to learn how it can help you and how you can run the programs you need on Linux, even if they are Windows programs?  

Dan Burke, Computer Science Junior, will lead a discussion on the Linux platform at our next Tech Talk, Feb 26 at noon in the Computer Science Lab, A119.   Dan will have a system to demonstrate at his talk.

Congratulations - Augustus Tolton Honor Society Members

L-R, Dana Hill, Chelsea Long, Bryona (BJ) Johnson
Please congratulate these outstanding members of the Computer Science Department:
  • Dana Hill, Information Technology Senior
  • Chelsea Long, Information Technology Sophomore
  • Bryona Johnson, Information Technology Sophomore
They are being inducted into the Augustus Tolton Honor Society on Feb 28, 2014.

The society is named after the first recognized African American priest in the United States and honors the spirit of scholarship, leadership, and identity for high-achieving African American students at USF.  The society exists to nurture intellectual ability, to promote leadership development, to foster knowledge of self, and to provide service to the community while upholding the university’s values of respect, compassion, service and integrity. 

Dana, Chelsea, and Bryona, we're all very proud of you!   Congratulations!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tech Talk - Hacking

November 6, 2013 - Here it is, the 1st Wednesday of November and time for another Tech Talk.  We decided on noon for our first round of Tech Talks and  Maximillian Thurner, Computer Science, obliged with leading a talk on hacking.   After an introduction into the types of hacking and the tools, students discussed what can and should be done about hacking.

Remember our plans are for a tech talk each month.  Any student can present.  Contact the lab assistants to get on the schedule.   We’ll be back in Spring Semester

Tech Talk - Gaming

October 2013 we began a series of Tech Talks, for students and led by students.   Bryona Johnson, Information Technology, gave us an excellent start for our inaugural event with a talk on gaming.   She covered new releases and led the talk into opinions on types of games, hardware issues, and what students want to see in games.

Our plans are for a tech talk each month.  Any student can present.  Contact the lab assistants to get on the schedule.

Detection - Computer Style

On September 19, 2013, Nick Morris, USF Information Technology (2010) Alumnus, and currently a Discovery Consultant with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services spoke to us about the fascinating field of Computer Forensics.  He offered insight into how a forensic investigation is conducted, what type of information can be discovered, and what types of tools are used.  He described the types of circumstances under which a forensic investigation is conducted and how varied they can be.   Some of his experience was from a computer forensic investigation into the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Deloitte LLP is a world-wide corporation specializing in auditing, consulting, and financial advising