Sunday, May 7, 2017


On April 27th, the 2017 Senior Project team demonstrated and turned over the iHappy application to the Franciscan Ministries.   The project involved an full featured application that ran on desktops and mobile devices to help the staff at Franciscan Villages and numerous properties across four states.

The project team was:   Phillip Bradley (CS), Lauren Burkhart (Math & CS), Fernando Carrera-Rodriguez (IT), Michael Garver (WD), Joselyn Mena (CS), Trent Saucedo (IT), and Ken VandeWerken (IT).     The project was at the request of Jim Schuler, USF CS 2003, Solutions Architect for Franciscan Ministries and he laid out the requirements.     The project team then built a formal document detailing the user requirements and a project plan for the creation, testing and development.
From L-R:  Nando, Phillip, Garver, Joselyn, Lauren, Trent, Ken

The application tracks a resident's interests and relevant data, as well as likes and dislikes.  The application provided roles for administrators and staff.   Administrators could use the application to create a profile for residents and upload the picture.    Students took seriously HIPAA requirements and did not include last names or year of birth so that there was less information to be accessed.   The profile creation included 10 questions the administrators would pose to a resident.  Because of the data input requirements, it was designed as a desktop application primarily, although it could be run on a mobile device.
Screen cap of mobile app

The other component of the application was designed so that staff could engage with the residents more fully when they encountered them by having relevant data at their fingertips and not only talk about topics that interested the resident, but suggest activities.   This was primarily designed for tablets and phones because of the mobile nature of this component. 

Because of the multiple locations, the students designed the search so that it would focus on the selected location, as a staff member typed in a first name the suggested residents would be filtered by that information.   When a staff member selected a name from the drop down list, the picture would show so they could confirm the resident.  

Jim and Scott
After presenting the technical information about the iHappy (working title) application, the project team demonstrated the application by having Jim act as administrator and one of our audience, alumnus Scott Walton, to act as a resident, and Derek Dailey, CS student, to act as a staff member.   Scott & Derek were required to sign-in with appropriate logins.   

Derek acting as staff
A new profile was created, a photograph uploaded from a
desktop.  then from a tablet, the staff member was able to access the profile.   From the tablet the new profile was located.  The staff member than updated a new 'like' for the resident and it was then visible from the desktop application.  

Describing the LAMP stack
The application was designed upon a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python) so that it could easily be ported to servers behind the Franciscan Ministries properties' firewall.   For testing purposes no residents' information was used.   Also for testing and to provide background for the support staff at Franciscan Ministries, the students used Amazon's AWS.  A detailed document on the use and creation of the LAMP and AWS was provided at turnover time.  

The project team turned over electronic copies of the scripts, code, and documentation to Jim Schuler at the conclusion of the presentation.

Working with Nick - February 2017
The project team would like to thank Scott Walton (USF CS 1993), Panagiotis Kourtidis (USF CS 2003), and Nick Bond (USF CS & IT 2015), in addition to Jim Schuler, for their advice and assistance in developing the application.

Congratulations to our Computer Science Department Senior Project Team 2017 on a job well done!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Shall We Play a Game

A little retro entertainment to help everyone relax and get ready for the push to finish strong.

The USF Computer Club is hosting a showing of the 1983 geek-classic:   

War Games
3:30 PM,
A102, St Albert Hall.

Refreshments provided

Let Derek Dailey know if you plan on attending

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Math and Computer Science Department End of Year Party

The Math and CompSci Department are hosting an end of the year party for all students in the department.

Friday 4/28 at 1pm in the Pavilion.

Pizza and fun awards will be center stage.

Take this opportunity to nominate one of your classmates for an award such as:
Most likely to get a flat tire while wearing a Spiderman (or) Wonder Woman costume.

Come and have fun to celebrate the beginning of summer and relax before finals.

Senior Project 2017

Please join us on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 1 PM in A102 in St Albert Hall for a chance to hear about a new Quality of Life mobile application that USF CompSci department students developed for Franciscan Villages, a retirement community. 

Innovation and service come together to provide a way to improve a retirement community experience and our students an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what they know and what they learned as part of this process.

Our Tenth Annual Alumni/Student Networking Event

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out last week to our Alumni/Student networking event.
As always, great insight into the interview and resume process was shared with our students. Some reconnecting old friends and some new friends were made. Students came away with a lot of food for thought and not just pizza! :D 
 We inducted 4 new members into the Epsilon Delta Pi honor society, Philip Bradley, Meera Chouhan, Michael Garver, and Alexandra Wicks;  announced our 2017 Ramuta award winner, Michael Garver, and awarded a certificate of appreciation to Derek Dailey for his work on revitalizing the USF Computer Club.  

One of the things I want to do is acknowledge all that our alumni do for us, whether it’s making time to be part of our events, or teach classes as Scott Walton, Ray Halper, Chris Marks, Loretta Pearson, Tracy Rager, and Panos Kourtidis do, or support our server as Drew Johnson does, or work with our students on their Senior Project as Jim Schuler does, or assist the students in Senior Project as Nick Bond, Panos, & Scott do, or creating an award like Matt Ramuta and his family do.
USF CompSci wouldn’t be where it is without all of you. I’m attaching a copy of some of the pictures taken at the event.
I also want to thank Aubrey Knight and Valerie Penn of Alumni & Family Relations for their support of this event. It really helped make things go smoothly.
 And don't worry if you missed this year's event, we'll be back with another one next April.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

USF Computer Club - Resume event

Don't have a resume?  Not sure if your format's right.

 And while we're at it, what this about LinkedIn and why do I care?

Derek Dailey (CS 2018) is managing the first event of the USF Computer Club this Spring to help with those issues.

Maribeth Hearn from Career Services will give some instruction about setting up resumes and cover how to get started on LinkedIn.

Michael Garver (WD 2017) will lend his skill in taking head shots suitable for a LinkedIn profile.

It all happens on

Tuesday, March 28th,  
at  the CompSci lab, A119.

Be there so you'll have your resume ready to go then you can get some final tips and have some experts give you advice when we have our Alumni/Student Networking Event on April 11th.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Winter 2016 Graduation

Congratulations to Winter 2016 Computer Science Department Graduates:  Timothy Kowalski (IT), and Abraham Ortega (IT)
Tim Kowalski
.  We’re proud to have you as USF’s newest Computer Science department alumni!