Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let's all go the to movies!

Indie Games The Movie was a fascinating look at the world of independent game developers. Thanks to the efforts of lab assistant, Kevin Healy a trip was organized to the Music Box Theatre on Chicago’s north side. Attending the event were James Bowman, Kevin Healy, Megan O’Brien, Daniel Zarycki, and Computer Science alumnus, Nick Zelinsinky.

Picture are Kevin Healy, Nick Zelinsnky, Dan Zarycki, Megan O'Brien, and James Bowma

The co-directors of the documentary were on-hand to answer questions after the movie, and then a drawing for the Adobe Suite capped off the events at the Music Box. On the ride back to USF a lively discussion about the movie continued.

Many thanks to our driver, Ken, for a pleasant and safe trip.

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