Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You're invited.

We're hosting our 
Fifth Annual Computer Science Department Alumni-Student Event
Thursday, April 12th, 2012
6 PM - 8 PM
Room A102
St. Albert's Hall

Yes, this we'll be our fifth year!  It's always a lot of fun. A great chance to connect and reconnect with others who went to USF (or College of St. Francis).  Once again we're asking our alumni to talk about the interview and resume process for those who are looking for programming or IT jobs.   Their experiences are invaluable.  

It's always a fun evening.

Some topics we'll cover in our meeting are:
  • What works on a technical resume.
  • What should a candidate emphasize on a resume
  • What should be in a cover letter.
  • Questions that interviewers ask.
  • Questions candidates should ask.
  • Information that a candidate should have about the company before an interview.
  • Anything else students want to ask or alumni want to offer is also welcome.
This is an informal discussion, a sharing of insights and tips, so we'll provide some snacks and beverages.

It will be a fun, interactive experience and a chance to see old friends and make new ones.  

We'll have a robot on display from our first ever Robotics class being taught by Tim Archer, USF Computer Science, 1998 

and hear about the success of our first 
Programming for the Droid class, taught last fall by T.J. Eakle, USF Mathematics/Computer Science, 2009.  

We'll talk about upcoming new classes - 
C#  & .Net Programming which will be taught by Scott Walton, USF Computer Science, 1993, 

as well as our nine week seminar series on 

Cloud Computing and Virtualization 
that we're offering in conjunction with ACCA - Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area.  

We'll announce the Joan Nahas Ramuta Award winner and our department winner for Meritorious Service.  We'll induct our newest members of Epsilon Delta Pi (EDP) Honor Society.

Please let Ruth know if you can join us.

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