Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Website creation pays

Eddie Orellana, Computer Science junior, answered the call from Ray Semplinski to help out the local political organization with their website.  This was a project for pay but more importantly Eddie knew it was an opportunity to put a real world bullet on his resume.  Ray knew he could count on St. Francis students since he’d hired two of them to develop a website about four years ago.  

In a meeting with Ray and one of the town clerks, they mentioned they liked the look of a page from another political organization and wanted something similar.  They knew they wanted a Donation Page and a general info page.

Eddie created a web site with three simple pages on it.    The customers were very happy with the finished product.  They mentioned that after the "win" they would like some content added and changed.
Eddie was delighted to have his first professional website creation to add to his resume. 

Eddie transferred to USF in Fall 2012, a great way to complete his first year here.  And it's getting paid isn't bad either!

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