Thursday, March 14, 2013

An app for everywhere!

Thanks to USF alumnus, Lea Kuhn, and Web App Dev Senior,  Jarrod Cupps, for a great learning experience as they showed us how accessible CSS and HTLM5 can be and then how to turn HTML5 into Mobile applications that can be generated across all platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.    

At this very well attended talk, they showed us the code that could be generated and even had an app out there for anyone to download.   The app created runs as a standalone app, so the user doesn’t realize that it was generated using HTML5.   Because the app is created once and then can be generated across many mobile phone environments the developer's productivity rises.
The audience was walked through how to modify HTML5 and CCS code and got to see the results of their changes.  They were able to try out the app on the screen and then download it to the phone if they wanted.

If you’d like to see the presentation, the slides, including links to the demonstrated app,  please click here:

Pictured:  Jarrod Cupps and Lea Kuhn
If you want to learn more about creating these apps we have two classes coming up.  Comp 241 Web Programming Languages will teach you about the basics about using the languages to create web environments and more!   Then with those skills in hand, you can take our new topics course, Comp 494 HTML5 and Mobile Apps, which will be taught by Lea Kuhn, to go to the next step. 

Lea Kuhn  is an independent consultant who also has a background in education.   Jarrod Cupps has been involved in working web pages, robotics, and mobile apps as a student here.  USF Computer Science thanks them for sharing their knowledge and skill.  Our people make the difference in technology!

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