Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Coming soon to a portal near you!

Information Technology majors Brandon Rusnak and Matt Nosbisch worked hard over the summer on their Senior project. It so impressed their senior project adviser, Tim Archer, Computer Science alumnus and USF IS Manager that he's got Matt and Brandon on board to put it up on the portal. They'll get familiar with more technology and USF students are going to have a new feature on the portal.

Here's what their project was about:

The senior project, ONEPortfolio, is a way for USF Computer Science students to showcase all of their skills and achievements to prospective employers. The ONEPortfolio website allows users to upload images, resumes, code samples, a biography, education / school information, web links and more that will be displayed on a profile page for the user on the site so that a prospective employer can quickly view this information about the potential employee.

The link to a user's profile can be shared on the web or via email and is a great way for someone to quickly learn about that person's skills and abilities. The site makes it easy for users to upload their information to the site by guiding them through the steps in an easy to use wizard. The site also features a powerful Admin Control Panel which allows the site administrator to change the site content, edit users and change settings with ease.

Matt & Brandon will be presenting their project soon so that all Computer Science department students can get a look at this great new utility.

Congratulations, Brandon & Matt, on a job well done!

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