Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can you Google me now?

Students in the USF dorms have a lot of problems with wireless access.

Information Technology seniors Mike Dembeck and Rob DeLong wanted a project that would give them some real world experience.

Mark Snodgrass, Director of Network Support Services here at USF, decided that he could help the students in the dorm as well as Mike and Rob achieve their goals.

This semester Mike and Rob are surveying the wireless situation, contacting vendors about products, balancing coverage and cost, then putting together a proposal so that the USF dorms in Marian Hall, Tower Hall, and the Motherhouse have improved wireless access. They'll help develop the business plan and, upon the approval of the IT department, assist the IT department with implementing the plan.

This project will provide Mike and Rob with a real world exposure to designing and implementing technology based projects, dealing with constraints, such as physical structures and business considerations, such as cost. Since the students’ objectives are to work in the Information Technology sector, a course like this will provide them the opportunity to explore project management, request for proposals, an increased understanding of the expanding role of wireless access and a concrete case study of a current networking problem.

Whew! They're going to be busy as they keep their supervisors in the loop with weekly status reports. So if you're in the dorms and you see Mike and Rob, let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

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