Friday, February 12, 2010

Opportunities from USF Solutions

Bonnie Covelli of USF Solutions approached us with opportunities for students. She is looking on the behalf of a local business for website design. The company is a glass company. According to Ms Covelli: "They have zero web presence at the moment. The website would primarily include information on company location and products. No e-commerce, no outrageous bells and whistles are needed."

At this point it would be donated time, but this would be an excellent opportunity for students who have not had any experience or just a little experience. Perhaps two students could cooperate on this. It would be a good entry for your resume and help you when more formal jobs or other paid opportunities occur.

Additionally Ms Covelli, also informed us of another opportunity, this one paid, but will require more experience.

"It's for a small retail store, but the website will need a bit more "bells and whistles" and someone with enough knowledge to advise on hosting and long-term maintenance carriers. The store has a current "basic" website, but they are ready to upgrade to a more sophisticated look. ... For this project, the designer would only need to work with me, and I'd serve as the interface with the client. Also, the designer would be paid."

Please contact either Cris or Ruth if you'd like to take advantage of either opportunity.

Paid or unpaid - experience will help you land the job of your choice.

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