Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beyond the Books

What’s up at the library? Ask Matthew Strama, Information Technology junior , he is a Computer Technician for the Morris Area Public Library. He maintains, fixes, and troubleshoots the network and computers, which includes staff and public computers. And if anyone, staff or customers, has a computer question, Matt is the go-to guy. Maintenance on the machines includes Windows updates, reinstall OS if it needs to be reinstalled, run the spy-ware cleaner, install the library check out system when it is needed, and installing deep-freeze on the public machines (a program that wipes the machine after its restarted.). He gets involved in networking troubleshooting if the internet drops, the switches and routers are having connection problems or the public needs help connecting to our wireless router.

The Morris Area Public Library network is made up of switches, routers, and a sonic wall. They have 20 public computers and 14 staff computers that need to be maintained on a daily basis. That means running updates and other software on them. Matt just assisted in the switch from ATT DSL to Comcast cable internet. Not only did Matt help setup the internet system, he teaches computer classes as well to the public. The classes he has taught include computer basics, Word 2007, Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Yahoo email, and intermediate computers. Besides teaching the public he does staff training as well on the new updates and software that purchased for the computers.

So if you thought libraries were just about books, talk to Matt. Whether its helping someone get online to make that important change to their Facebook status or teaching them about using their computers, he knows that support comes with a variety of responsibilities.

Excellent work, Matt!

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