Thursday, June 2, 2016

Senior Project, 2016

May 5, 2016

Jim Schuler (CS, 2003) once again rode to the rescue for Senior Project, providing a new challenge for our 8 students who will graduate in Spring or Fall of 2016.  Beacons and Raspberry Pi’s were the focus of this proof of concept challenge for the Franciscan Villages retirement community.   The students involved were:  Dan Healy (CS), Bryona Johnson (IT), Tim Kowalski (IT), Coleon Leverson (WD), Brisa Moreno (IT), Abraham Ortega (IT), Thomas Uraski (IT), and Tonghui Wang (CS).

Instead of walking up to a beacon and having it display information on aphone, students worked having a Raspberry Pi detect a beacon approaching, identifying the id associated with a beacon on a database and alert staff via a web interface about the person with the beacon and their medical and food needs.   This involved using node.js scripting, configuring the beacons, designing a database, web interface and programming the Raspberry Pi’s.  

Additionally there was a side project using an IoT (Internet of Things) button and calculating polling results.

A very successful demonstration was conducted to an appreciative audience and the students turned over their scripts and designs to Jim Schuler for use by the Franciscan Villages.   A true example of service learning and demonstrating how hi-tech skills can improve the quality of life.

Great work to all our USF Computer Science Department Senior Project students! 

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