Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Alumni Student Event, Another Fun Time

On April 8th 2014 Computer Science Department alumni and students gathered together for a most enjoyable and productive evening.

Students brought resumes with them so the alumni could give them individual advice.  Suggestions helped the students gain confidence for interviews.

We celebrated our award winning students and inducted three students into the Epsilon Delta Pi Honor society.

Max Thurner was our 2014 Joan Nahas Ramuta Award winner.  While Max has worked this past year as a lab assistant, prior to that he was always willing to tutor students, encouraging them in their work and letting them know that they could succeed just as he has. Max is often found lending a hand as others prepare or present, adding technical background, a critical ear to help them smooth things out, and enthusiastic encouragement when the event takes place.His work on technical problems helped improve the processes used to keep an environment where students could work efficiently.  His spirit and welcoming manner made the lab a warm and welcoming environment.

Steven Jensen was our 2014 Meritorious Service Winner for his great work as a lab assistant for these past two years, providing tutoring to students and problem solving when there’s a problem in the lab.  Steve also has presented twice at our Tech Talks, a new initiative to give students a chance to talk about topics that others students are interested in.   His first talk was on hacking.  His second talk was on using Ruby on Rails and the importance of internships.

Nickolas Bond, Zachary Hunter, and Michelle Stefanich were inducted into the Epsilon Delta Pi Honor Society.  To be a member you must have a 3.2 GPA, have completed 3 upper division in Computer Science totaling at least 9 hours, and have earned 75 credit hours overall.

Congratulations to our new inductees and award winners.

A grateful thanks to our outstanding alumni!

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