Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And the winner is….

USF!   In May 2013  we held our annual Convocation where we celebrate the honors our students have received for the 2012-2013 year.  

 We give the Joan Nahas Ramuta Award annually to honor the memory of Joan and this year we are honoring the memory of Jarrod Cupps, Web Application Development, who has been designated this year’s recipient.  We lost Jarrod too soon, but we want to acknowledge the joy and the meaning he added to our lives.

Our students have been involved all over campus in many activities, but none more so than Jarrod.  As a lab assistant and tutor, he shared his knowledge with patience and understanding to those who came to him for help.  Jarrod was a Web Application Development major and was one of the two students who redesigned the Greening of the Campus website a year ago.  Jarrod was one of our presenters in March of 2012 on Android Mobile Programming.  This past February he worked with one of our USF alumns presenting an informative seminar on HTML5 Mobile Programming.

Also honored as this year’s recipient of the Meritorious Service was Andrew Johnson, Information Technology,  who helped make our virtual server environment a working reality, building an Active Directory environment for sign-on security for the Computer Science lab machines.  Drew is always willing to answer questions and help resolve problems. 

Drew began his USF career by offering a presentation on recovering data from damaged servers at a very well attended Saturday morning seminar.  

Drew wiling lends his knowledge and expertise to others, as it was most recently shown when he spoke to students working on a senior project for a local food pantry and told them about the TechSoup project where they could help the food pantry get access to software for little or no cost.

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