Monday, October 11, 2010

Making an app for that!

Good news!

Thanks to the efforts of our Unversity of St Francis IS department, Motorola, in conjunction with Sprint, has donated 5 mobile phones to the Computer Science department so that students will be able to work on app creation. These are on the Android platform, so they're open source.

We will start with short seminars for the Spring semester and look at offering a topics course in Fall, 2011 in conjunction with a planned ACCA (Associated Colleges Chicagoland Area) seminar. This way we'll not only have hands on practice, we'll take advantage of several industry experts.

If you're thinking of taking the "Developing for the Android" course in Fall, 2011, be sure and take the Comp 140, Computer Science I - C++ in the Spring, 2011 semester, if you haven't already taken it or the Comp 253, Java course. A solid base of a programming language will be needed. Android's software stack will use the Java SDK (Software Developer's Kit) as the programming language.

Sprint is the mobile carrier used by University of St. Francis. Thank you to Motorola and to Sprint for furthering our educational goals and many thanks to Mark Snodgrass and Tim Archer of the USF IS department for working out the details to help our students.

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