Monday, August 30, 2010

A new lab, a new look!

Welcome back to a new semester!

By now you’ve seen our newly remodeled lab. New furniture, new workstations, two flat screen tv monitors, webcams, a scanner, a printer, and a collaboration workstation. The nine workstations are equipped with Visual Studio 2010, Java SDK, and Oracle. The flat screen TV can display the images from the end workstation. At the opposite end of the room the flat screen is hooked up to a KVM
(Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch that can handle four laptop hook-ups so that students can collaborate on projects and take turns displaying what they’re working on. The lab is still on an isolated network with Internet access so that networking classes can experiment. There is a password protected wireless hotspot in the lab.

In addition, there is a relaxation station with a couple of chairs.

But the lab is not the only new thing this semester. The Computer Science server room got a fresh reload over the summer.

Through our participation the VMWare Academic Program we have VMWare products to use for virtualization. There’s a Remote Desktop that is accessible in any lab on campus or from home. VPN is set up on our server so that you can access most of the server facilities from home or dorm.

The servers provide access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Sharepoint Server, CentOS Linux, RedHat Linux, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. An educational license of CPanel allows web access of designated web pages. There is also a server devoted for student creation of virtual machines.

Our lab upgrade was funded by the Academic Computing Fund.

The lab is a fun place to work and relax. Be sure and drop in to not only work on your labs, but catch up with your friends.

Thanks to everyone who dedicated so much effort during the summer to ensure that the lab was a show place - especially to the USF IT staff, Tim Archer, Ben Gunnink, Dave Senior, Jerry Kickul , alumni, Kevin Beckman & Scott Walton, and the students.

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