Friday, May 7, 2010

Honors 2010

Computer Science department students received their share of awards at the 26th Annual Honors and Awards Convocation. The newly inducted members of the Epsilon Delta Pi Honor Society were mentioned in the program. This years inductees were Larissa Kries, Nicholas Morris, Michael Murray, and Caleb Piggot all who will graduate in Fall, 2010.
Nick is an Information Technology senior. Larissa, Mike, & Caleb are all Computer Science Seniors

This year Dean's Scholar Awards went to Larissa Kries, Computer Science Senior, Paulina Martinez, Information Technology minor & Rec Admin junior, and Michael Murray, Computer Science Senior.

For all his work in the CompSci department computer lab we were delighted to nominate Michael Murray for the Meritorious Service Award which is presented to a senior who demonstrates our core value of service, providing the greatest service to the department and the college

The Athletic Department honored Joel Perez, Computer Science Senior, with the Jason Chonacki Scholarship which is presented to athletes who have been outstanding in service and have a GPA greater than 2.5.

This year the recipient of the Joan Nahas Ramuta Computer Science Award was Larissa Kries. It is presented to a senior in recognition of academic excellence, exemplary character standards and outstanding service to the department and college.

Larissa & her family are pictured here.

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