Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anatomy of a Server Room

Thanks to the efforts of students, alumni, and staff here at USF who gave up a day of their Christmas break we have our first Computer Science server room.

Our heroes were Tim Archer, Joe Bozen, T.J. Eakle, Ben Gunnink, Jon Paul, Matt Ramuta, Arturas Zalenekas, Chris Bigott, Kyle Baczynski, Kevin Beckman, and Ross McCallister.

VPN access to the server room is up and working.
The server built during Fall Semester by Scott Walton for databases was also added to the server room. So far, we have a firewall, web server and a database server. Plans are in the works to incorporate a virtualization server as well. Stop in and take a peek, it’s next to the A116 computer lab.

Thanks to their efforts the resources in our new server are accessible from all labs on campus.

Oh and while they were at it, we now have a new wireless access point in the A119 lab.

VPN access to the server is available to all Computer Science department students, alumni and, of course, to our staff.

Thanks to all who devoted so much time and continue to help improve the learning environment at USF.

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