Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning Initiatives with Alumni

USF students had an opportunity last Fall to work with Computer Science alumni, Jim Schuler '03, and Carl Ziech '06, as well as Business alumnus, Adam Helwich '04 in investigating how to use a Wii-mote as an input device to a Windows computer. A lot fun and a lot of learning took place as other alumni paticipated including, adjunct faculty professor, Panagiotis Kourtidis '03 who decided to implement his version on Linux.

There is an article about our learning initiative in the Spring 2009 edition of USF Magazine. If you don't have your copy yet (It will take up to four weeks for postal delivery to alumni), you can view it online from the St. Francis website.
Here's a direct link: Alumni magazine
The article can be found on page 16.

Wii remote: $49
Infrared lights: $5
Safety glasses: $12
Alumni involvement: Priceless!

Thank you to all alumni who participated, especially Jim Schuller and Adam Helwich who led the event and initiatied the research.

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